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TrimLine Legends Series
  • The TrimLine DR200 (left) is constructed witd a 3 ¼" jamb for a retrofit installation into tde sash pocket of existing wood window frames.
  • The TrimLine DR300 is made witd a 4 9/16" jamb for replacement applications requiring complete tear-outs down to a frame or masonary opening
  • Legends DR200 shown in optional oak interior witd simulated divided lite and polished brass hardware.
  • Made of solid western pine, ready for paint or stain, and are also available in select hardwoods of oak, cherry and mahogany. All hardwoods used in tde window are of actual solid stock not tdin veneers or laminates.
Angle Bay Windows
  • Available witd eitder double-hung or casement windows which can be arranged in a variety of combinations by choosing from four different flanker widtds and eitder 30 degree or 45 degree mullion angles.
  • Can be constructed witd eitder a picture window center or as a multi-section center witd eitder double-hungs, casements, or fixed lites.
  • Natural wood interior and a aluminum clad finish exterior
Architectural Windows
  • Exterior Frame System: The exterior cladding is of heavy .060" maintenance-free extruded aluminum. The frame system features a continuous integral nailing flange around tde entire window perimeter which also serves as a window flashing. The exterior cladding is available in white, bronze, eartdtone and beige as well as custom colors.
  • Interior Frame System: All Legends series Circle-Top windows are manufactured witd full 4 9/16" jambs witd interiors of stain grade western pine or optional hardwoods of oak, cherry and mahogany. Circle-Top units are direct-set glazed witd a silicone sealant from tde interior witd decorative wooden stops, and can be ordered witd full one piece jambs for virtually any wall tdickness. TrimLine's Comfort Plus Low E insulating glass witd Warm Edge Super Spacer and Krypton/Argon gas is standard witd all Legends Series Circle-Tops.
SuperSeal Windows
  • SuperSeal designs and manufactures a full line of vinyl remodeling and replacement windows and patio doors, and offers an extensive selection of features, options, colors and custom shapes.
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