At Congdon Lumber we understand that much of our profit is derived from the same source that produces the air we breathe. Illegal logging has become rampant around the world and is fueling climate change. We at Congdon Lumber are taking a voluntary initiative to ensure that, whenever possible, our lumber, especially hardwoods, comes from approved, sustainable forests. Visit for more detailed information. We also offer on-site recycling of building materials in hopes of curbing illegal dumping. We hope that you'll join us in our effort to reduce deforestation and pollution by becoming a conscious consumer!

All of our hardwood comes from Weaber Lumber, an SFI Certified Participant. To become certified, an applicant must undergo a thorough and rigorous review of its operations by an audit firm accredited by either ANAB (ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board) or the Standard Council of Canada. All auditors must meet precise educational and professional criteria established by SFI, Inc.